Commemorative Paver Program


Commemorative Paver Program

Open to all members of the Ravenswood community, the Commemorative Paver Program is an enduring way to celebrate your connection with the School.

The Commemorative Paver Program is an initiative of the Ravenswood Foundation and has been in place for many years.

How it works? A donation is made, on this page, by a Ravenswood community member. We then prepare your paver and engrave it with a special person’s name and year in commemoration of them. The paver is then secured into the ground in the Old Girls’ Courtyard at Ravenswood. The pavers are placed next to each other resembling closeness in all community members at Ravenswood. Pavers can be purchased for current students, Alumni students, Grandparents, Teachers and community members in the public.

We invite you to create a memento of your Ravenswood days by securing a Commemorative Paver inscribed with your personalised inscription through a philanthropic and tax deductible donation of $500 to the Ravenswood Building Fund.

Please follow the steps below to secure your commemorative paver:

  1. Donate online by clicking the red ‘PAVER DONATION’ button at the bottom of the page.
  2. Choose payment option Donations.
  3. Select Building Fund from the Donation Fund drop-down bar.
  4. Select PAVERS Min $500 from the Donation Sub-Category drop down bar.
  5. Once your donation is received, a Commemorative Paver Design Form will be emailed to you.
  6. Complete the Design Form with your desired inscription to complete the process.

View Giving Brochure HERE

Please find examples of our community commemorative pavers below:

For more information about the Commemorative Paver Program, please contact the Marketing, Community and Engagement Team at or (02) 9498 9898.