The Ravenswood Community

Ravenswood is blessed with an inclusive and engaged community, reflected in the ongoing involvement of our many parent, school and alumni organisations. We actively partner with both our parents and alumni to ensure that this passion is passed on to our students.

When you enrol your daughter at Ravenswood, your family is joining a wider community. That is the way it has always been at Ravenswood, from the earliest days in 1901 to now, relationships have been the heart of the School. For more than a century, Ravenswood has taken great pride in the important community partnerships that have been fostered through open communication and mutual understanding. It is these partnerships that provide students with the best learning and living experiences.

We are extremely proud that the interconnection between parents, students and the School spans generations and transcends boundaries of geography. A sense of belonging is a vital ingredient in the well-rounded person, and research shows that parents who engage with the School community, increase their child’s academic and personal wellbeing. Parents and the School work closely together to encourage students to take advantage of the many and varied opportunities available at Ravenswood, and to be a valuable member of the community.

We encourage our families and friends to keep in touch via the Marketing, Communications and Engagement Department, and to share your skills and knowledge with our wider community. This can be through utilising your organisational skills to volunteer as a class parent, cooking a meal for a family in need through our Meals Made with Love program, or sharing your professional experiences through one of the Career programs.

We welcome you to contact Anna Hyde in the Marketing, Communications and Engagement Department on (02) 9498 9828 or ahyde@ravenswood.nsw.edu.au to discuss the many opportunities available for you to be involved in our vibrant community.