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Boarder Leave (Holidays/Weekends)

The Ravenswood Residential College (RRC) allows Boarders to apply for leave for things such as shopping, visiting or going for dinner with a friend, or for being away from the RRC for a weekend. Parents and/or guardians are asked to submit a Leave Request Form before permission is granted.

Weekly Boarders do not need to apply for leave on weekends, but may stay in if they wish.

Boarders may go to Gordon Shopping Centre if they sign in and out at the reception desk. If permission is granted, Boarders may travel to Chatswood but must travel with another Boarder.

Boarders are given a travel day at the beginning and end of each term. They must not make travel arrangements before or after these days.

Holiday periods are published in the preceding year. Parents wishing to request permission from the Principal for early departure or late return, must do so by completing an Application for Exemption of Attendance and gain approval prior to making any binding arrangements. See also the Ravenswood Attendance Absenteeism Policy.

Strategic Plan Ravenswood Attendance and Absenteeism Policy