Communications and Support Overview

Our aim is to provide flexible and open communication between the School, parents and students. We want our Boarders to have as much of a 'home experience' as possible and we want parents to be able to share their daughters’ academic, sporting, co-curricular and personal experiences.


The Deputy Principal - Boarding, Wellbeing and Development is always available for parents to call.

Boarders Portal

The Boarders’ Portal is a secure website with news and photos of recent events and activities held in the Ravenswood Residential College (RRC).

Newsletter and Weekly Digest

The school Newsletter is produced fortnightly during term time and the Weekly Digest is produced weekly during term time and both are available on the Parent Portal.

Boarder Support Program

All new Boarders are invited to join the Boarder Support Program, which partners a Boarder with a Day Girl and her family.

We try and pair Boarders with Day Girls who are in the same Year Group and who have similar interests. The Boarder Support Family hosts the Boarder for occasional weekend visits and home cooked meals. We often find that students and their families who participate in this program become friends for life.