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Transition into an Australian School

To commence boarding at any time can be daunting, even more so if a student is starting school in a new country.

Our overseas Boarders are particularly nurtured to ensure a happy transition to boarding in the Ravenswood Residential College (RRC).

The Director Boarding and International Students supports the students both within the RRC and the school, while the Boarding Supervisors are there to support the Boarders within the RRC. The Senior Leadership Team and Student Wellbeing Team, along with the Boarders’ Year Coordinators and Mentors, also provide support for Boarders in their academic and co-curricular pursuits, and their overall welfare and wellbeing.

Each overseas Boarder has a local guardian to act for her parents, as well as attending parent/teacher interviews and doctor’s appointments if required.

Through Ravenswood’s Boarder Support Program, families of Day Girls volunteer to act as a Boarder Support Family for new Boarders. These families also assist in helping Boarders feel welcome and supported when they are away from their families.

Within the RRC and the school, the Boarding Captains and Boarding Activity Captains offer peer support to all Boarders.

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