Junior School


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Junior School students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of co-curricular activities with highly skilled and qualified staff. Co-curricular activities allow each student to enjoy their interests while developing skills, achieving excellence, and mixing with like-minded peers.

Performing Arts provides opportunities for students to be involved in a range of Music, Dance, Drama and Speech classes. After school Visual Arts classes are available for Years 3–4 and are designed specifically for students who love art and making creative objects.

Sport is an integral part of the co-curricular program and we offer a range of sports that provide qualified and specialised coaching and encourages flexibility, strength development, coordination, spatial awareness, posture and balance.

Both Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics are well supported in Junior School, and these programs are open to both Ravenswood and non-Ravenswood students. Tennis coaching, Swimming and Diving lessons are available for K–6, while Golf lessons are available for Years 5–6.

There are many other activities and groups available such as Debating, Language Clubs and Fellowship Groups.

Enrolment for co-curricular activities is made on a term-by-term or a semester basis, once event timetables and practice times are available.

Co-curricular Program Booklet