Junior Cocurricular


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In Junior School, Debating is open to Years 5 and 6 and is an opportunity for students to build confidence and develop public speaking skills.

At Ravenswood, each student is encouraged to discover and to exercise her voice, and Debating is a sociable activity that develops this valuable life skill. Supported by experienced coaches, students learn how to present and counter persuasive perspectives using structured, evidence-based arguments.

Students build knowledge of local and global issues as they become familiar with varying topics from current affairs, to environmental, social and moral issues. Each week the standard of analysis and research improves, as students exposure to new issues grows.

Equal opportunities are given to all debaters in the team, whether they are amateurs or accomplished speakers. Students learn quickly, the art of debating their opinions in a systematic, well researched and respectful way. Rebuttals and clear examples to substantiate claims, all contribute to the camaraderie amongst teams and the Debating community.

Debating also provides students with the opportunity to network and socialise, through meeting girls and boys from a variety of different schools throughout the year.


Debaters in Junior School participate in two main interschool competitions: the Independent Schools Debating Association Competition (ISDA) in Semester 1 and the School Debating Network Competition (SDN) in Semester 2, as well as Gala Days.

Ravenswood has a proud tradition of success in Debating over a number of years, with teams successfully reaching the Semi-Finals, Finals and Grand Finals in these interschool competitions.

House Debating

Students also have the opportunity to participate in House Debating competitions. These activities are hotly contested and instill a strong sense of pride, teamwork and school spirit in the students.

Debating teams generally meet once a week after school, with some competitions held on Fridays nights at various venues around Sydney.