Junior School

Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads

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Each year, Years 5 and 6 students in extension Maths groups participate in the Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads. From May through to September five separate competition sheets are sent to the school, one per month.

These papers provide students with the opportunity to work on challenges outside the normal classroom curriculum and when revising and discussing questions, students are exposed to new and different ways of tackling problems. It also allows students to develop strategies to solve challenging questions.

The aims of the Olympiads are to:

  • introduce students to important mathematical concepts
  • teach major strategies and develop flexibility for problem solving
  • foster creativity, ingenuity and strengthen intuition
  • stimulate enthusiasm and enjoyment for mathematics
  • provide for the satisfaction, joy and thrill of meeting challenges

Whilst students are entered as a team, they must work on an individual basis to solve the five questions in each paper. Individual scores are then used to calculate a team result. Students must complete all five papers to be eligible for an award.

The top Australasian team scorer receives a trophy. Individual students in the top 10% receive a badge and patch, while students in the top 20% receive a patch. The student who has persevered and showed remarkable tenacity when striving to solve the problems is also eligible for a special certificate. All participants are presented with a certificate of recognition at the end of the competition.