Junior School

da Vinci Decathlon

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Leonardo da Vinci was one of the world’s greatest thinkers and scholars, and his paintings, sculptures and inventions still amaze us today. He was also a Mathematician, Engineer, Anatomist, Astronomer, Cartographer and Writer. All these areas and more, are represented in the annual Knox Grammar School da Vinci Decathlon.

The da Vinci Decathlon is for students from Years 5-11. The aim of the Decathlon is to celebrate the academic gifts of students by providing a stimulating and challenging competition, run in the spirit of an Olympic Decathlon. Participating schools enter one team of eight students per Year Group into the competition. At Ravenswood, students must apply for selection, and in Junior School, the application requires students to consider the skills they can offer and the commitment involved. A general knowledge quiz is held, along with problem solving tasks, which can only be solved by thinking creatively.

Once selected, students begin training for the competition as a team. Training is about developing teamwork, learning to respect each other’s strengths and contributions, and creative thinking.

During the Decathlon, students work collaboratively throughout the day and are highly stimulated by competing in tasks, both written and hands-on, that encompass Engineering, Mathematics, Art, Poetry, Science, English, Cartography, code breaking, games of strategy and forensic sleuthing. At the end of the day, students are exhausted but always say, ‘Please can we do it again next year?’.