Performing Arts



Drama is an art form which is directly concerned with our understanding and experience of the world. Through drama, we explore the way people think, feel and communicate, learning to understand others and ourselves more fully. Drama not only teaches students how to perform or act but more importantly, how to be effective and creative communicators, and to work as a team towards a common goal.

In Junior School, Co-curricular Drama offers unique opportunities for students to creatively explore themselves, their contexts and their communities. Drama promotes active engagement with the stories of others and encourages empathy and understanding.

Years 5–6 Drama Club

Drama Club is an activity that seeks to encourage a student’s interest in the dramatic arts through a practical approach and through participation, rather than competition. Students are encouraged to be creative and imaginative and perform in areas of improvisation, scene and script work. Drama Club focuses on group collaboration and each semester, students participate in a performance, which is presented to family and friends. Drama Club is held once a week, after school.

Years 5–6 Drama Program

As part of the curriculum, in one session a fortnight during the Activities Period, students are given the opportunity to explore their creativity through drama and are given a snapshot of how to bring a character to life on stage.

In addition, Ravenswood provides many opportunities for Junior School students to showcase their skills and talent though school events and productions.