Junior School

Vocal Programs

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In Junior School our Vocal Programs provide many opportunities for students of all abilities to experience the joy of singing.

The K–2, Years 3–4, Year 5 and Year 6 Choirs provide valuable opportunities for all Junior School students to learn to sing fun and engaging repertoire with an ensemble of their peers. All choirs perform at the K–12 Music Showcase and at the end-of-term Chapel Services. Rehearsals are held once per week, during the school Activities period.

Vocal Ensembles

In addition to the Choirs, there is also the opportunity for students with a particular interest in singing, to participate in a Vocal Ensemble. Being part of a Vocal Ensemble builds on skills and confidence, and gives students the opportunity to socialise with like-minded peers across different Year Groups.

Junior School Vocal Ensemble

For students in Years 5–6, the Junior School Vocal Ensemble is a group of vocalists exploring new and exciting repertoire for various performances. Entry is by audition only and rehearsals are held once per week, before school.

Ravo Voices

For students in Years 6–12 of mixed vocal ability, Ravo Voices is an ensemble exploring new, interesting and enjoyable repertoire for various performances. This group builds on the skills required to become a great singer in a large group and encourages vocal confidence, alongside the musical skills required to hold a harmony, blend vocal tone and interpret music to a high standard. Rehearsals are held once per week, before school.