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Ravenswood seeks to support all students in their journey of faith and spirituality. One opportunity that students have in this area is the participation in the voluntary lunchtime Christian fellowship group, CRU. Currently, there are groups for Junior and Secondary School. Both groups meet once a week and provide a space where students can learn about faith, while supporting and encouraging each other in an atmosphere of fun and friendship. As part of these gatherings there are games, food, fun, support, prayer and learning about God and faith.

These groups are non-denominational and all students are welcome. The groups are facilitated by staff members but often run by the students themselves. CRU is connected to and supported by the Crusaders Union, which works with over 100 schools in NSW and publishes resources, organises holiday camps, and holds interschool events, where students can gather together to listen to a band, or a Bible talk for fun and learning. Currently, CRU groups meet on Fridays at lunchtime. Older students are invited at stages in the year to meet with others to do leadership training after school.

'CRU is a relaxed, fun way to spend Friday lunchtimes; a great time of renewal and refreshment in the community of God and hanging out with friends.' — Year 11 student