Language Clubs


After-School Conversation Classes

For students in Years 7-12 who want to improve their language skills. Classes are in French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin).

These classes are led by a native speaker who has a sound knowledge of the relevant Languages Syllabus. The aim of Conversation Classes is to help students gain confidence in their speaking skills and to expand their knowledge and understanding of the target language and its culture. It is also an opportunity for students to interact with a native speaker and to converse in an authentic environment.

The themes covered can vary, depending on the students’ interests and abilities, and the course work being covered in their Languages classes at school. Years 10-12 students may practice topics related to their syllabus, as they are preparing for their examinations.

Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française (DELF) Club

For students in Years 7-12 taking French who have advanced skills or recognised talent and are independent learners.

Students are given the opportunity to sit the DELF Junior French Examination at Alliance Française in Sydney. The diploma awarded for the successful completion of this examination is an official universally-recognised qualification awarded by the French Ministry of Education, to certify the competency of candidates from outside France in the language.

DELF Club can involve independent or teacher-led activities, depending on the needs of the students. Examination sessions (optional but recommended) are in May and October. Students meet once a fortnight at lunchtime for drop-in sessions.

Language Perfect

For students in Years 5-12, Language Perfect is an online interactive language learning and revision program, which is focused on the learning of vocabulary and grammar and includes audio exercises. All languages are available and all students who study a language will automatically be entered into the annual Language Perfect G6 and World Championships, which take place in May, and for which there are great prizes.