Secondary School

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

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Ravenswood’s Technology program prepares students from Kindergarten to Year 12 for a global and digitally connected world, in which technology is essential and part of daily life. Educational technology, thoughtfully and appropriately applied, enhances the learning experiences of all students. Our teaching staff leverage technology to facilitate high quality teaching and learning, to fully engage students.

Students in Secondary School have access to a variety of new technologies. Classrooms are equipped with high speed internet, wireless network access, interactive SMART Boards, data projectors and LED screens. Our school portal, Connect is a web-based system allowing resource sharing, collaboration and file submission. Students are also provided with a school-based email address from Year 5. In specialist areas, students have many opportunities to use technologies from 3D printers to laser cutters.

Our school owned 1:1 Device program is designed to meet the changing needs of students. An Ultrabook is allocated to students in Year 7, which they use until the end of Year 9. Students in Years 10–12 then participate in our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program and bring their own choice of laptop.

When students have individual access to a laptop/device it allows for flexible, timely and equitable access to technology and digital resources to benefit each student. The responsibility for their own device will provide a platform for students to develop as curious, ethical, capable and confident creators and consumers of information.

Student ownership of their device is essential if we are to deliver student learning experiences designed to meet their individual needs. In the global environment, technology is enabling significant changes in teaching and learning, and equipping students with new skills. Students need proficiency in digital, visual, informational, and textual literacy while critical thinking and creative problem solving remain essential in cooperative and collaborative learning environments.

Technology at Ravenswood provides a wonderful opportunity for all students to enrich their learning from Kindergarten to Year 12.