Learning Enrichment

Learning Support

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The Learning Enrichment Department offers a range support services to assist students in Secondary School, including Learning Support.

Learning Enrichment teachers offer strategies, resources and practices to enable all students to achieve their full potential. This is accomplished by helping to remove barriers whether physical, social, emotional or intellectual, allowing all students to access the curriculum. The primary focus is on Numeracy and Literacy, however, support is offered in all subject areas across the Years 7–12 curriculum.

Learning Enrichment teachers work with the students in several ways; in the classroom working alongside the classroom teacher, in small groups on a withdrawal basis, and working with individuals.

Learning Enrichment teachers offering support in Secondary School, work collaboratively with the classroom teacher, implementing adjustments and making modifications to cater for students with specific learning disabilities. Standardised tests are used to provide diagnostic information which is used to cater for the strengths, weaknesses and learning styles of the individual. Continued communication between parents, class and Learning Enrichment teachers is vital in developing a holistic approach for each student.

Learning Enrichment teachers encourage students to build their knowledge and skills, become risk takers, to work to their full potential, and to monitor their learning by reflecting and reviewing their progress, based on feedback from other students and teachers. Positive reinforcement by teachers and peers, combined with self-motivation is the key to learning. Students feel motivated, encouraged and supported by our specialist teachers, knowing that a new concept will be reinforced or practically demonstrated to deepen understanding, so that they can become confident and tenacious learners.