Middle Years Social Science

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Middle Years Social Science

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Social Science offers students in the Middle Years, the opportunity to develop and enhance their understanding of their individual role within our changing global community.

Geography is a core subject and all students are required to complete the course in Years 7–10. Geography is a rich and complex discipline involving two key dimensions:

  • the spatial dimension — where things are and why they are there
  • the ecological dimension — how humans interact with environments.

The Middle Years are also an opportunity for students to explore their own interests within the Social Sciences. Commerce is offered as an elective from Year 8 and International Studies from Year 9. These electives allow students to engage in commercial and international community studies, with a greater level of participation.

Years 7–8

Students are offered exciting opportunities to learn about what Geography is, the diversity and importance of World Heritage Sites and a focus study of global environments, generally mountains. Students are encouraged to develop their understanding on global issues, compare and then account for differences in the standards of living and quality of life, for children their own age.

The elective Commerce course, focuses on students as consumers within a changing business and legal environment. Consumer rights, responsibilities, business and the law are key areas of study. The course gives students an understanding of commercial and legal processes and competencies for personal financial management. Through the study of Commerce, students develop financial literacy which enables them to participate in the financial system in an informed way.

Year 9

In Year 9, students explore the beauty of Australia's diverse and unique landscape, as students examine Australian Geography. Fieldwork provides students with exciting lessons beyond the classroom, and students experience the wonder of our very own World Heritage Site, the spectacular Blue Mountains. The changing nature of Australian communities is a key area of study, and a cultural experience is provided when students travel beyond Gordon, to witness firsthand the manner in which communities are changing.

The elective Commerce course, focuses on consumer rights, responsibilities, business and the law as key areas of study. Central to the course is the development of an understanding of the relationships between consumers, businesses and governments in the overall economy. Students also plan and operate their own business. This is a wonderful experience that provides students with an authentic and engaging experience.

The elective International Studies course, focuses on cross–cultural understanding in the local and global context. Increasing trade, migration and globalisation opens Australia to cross–cultural interaction. Australia’s future development, economic growth and identity will depend on how well Australians engage with individuals, businesses, organisations and governments, through intercultural understanding.