Learning Framework

Health Care Unit

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The Health Care Unit is located within the school grounds and provides medical care to the Senior Residential College and for Day Students who become unwell at school. The Health Care Unit aims to treat health-related conditions with the view to returning students to school so as they can continue with their learning.

The Health Care Unit is open Monday-Friday from 8.30am–3.30pm. It is staffed by Registered Nurses who work closely with the Director Boarding and Student Wellbeing Team.

The School Nurses provide:

  • primary healthcare and first aid to students and staff
  • medical and dental appointments for Boarders
  • health and wellbeing education
  • Pastoral Care and referrals to the School Counsellor and School Psychologist.

Medical Consent and Records

Medical records are maintained for each student and kept in the Health Care Unit. Parents are able to update their daughter’s records through the school Portal, via online Medical Records. All medical records and information included, are confidential and remain within the Health Care Unit, unless it is deemed necessary for teaching staff to be informed. In this case, permission is sought from both the student and the parents to reveal information.

Vaccination Programs

The vaccination program is delivered by the NSW Health Department for students in Years 7 and 10. Records for these vaccinations can be obtained by contacting the NSW Health Department.

Special Needs

Parents of students with special needs or medical conditions can contact the Health Care Unit to discuss any concerns. If the condition warrants an Action Plan, parents are expected to supply one, signed by the family doctor. If the student needs an Individual Care Plan, one will be implemented in consultation with the parents, student, Registered Nurse and relevant teaching staff.