Middle Years Programs

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    In the Middle Years, there are a number of specialised programs offered to support health and wellbeing of students. Personal growth and development takes place in many ways and the sequential Camp Program is an example where self-reliance, teamwork, leadership, initiative and responsibility are encouraged, through the challenges of experiential learning and new adventures.

    Year 7

    The Year 7 Orientation Program ensures that students transition seamlessly into Secondary School and become accustomed to the routines and expectations. The Program encompasses study and organisational skills and building resilience by identifying personal strengths and positive emotions. Students are asked to consider the Guiding Principles within a personal and school context. Positive relationships help students to respond to the impact of bullying and cyber bullying, as well as digital citizenship are also explored.

    Year 8

    The Year 8 Program assists with the development of social skills, social justice, self-esteem and resilience, and encourages positive peer relationships and building cohesion within the Year Group. The essential aim in Year 8 is to inspire excellence in all aspects of school life and Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset philosophy is embedded in the Program. Students reflect on their strengths as learners, friends and individuals, becoming motivated to produce an outcome that reflects their best efforts. They are assisted with setting realistic and attainable goals. The explicit teaching of academic skills helps students to develop a manageable study program. Students also consider issues impacting young adolescents such as body image, the role of women and the influence of the media,including internet safety.

    Year 9

    The Year 9 program is based around the concept of positive psychology to enable students to discover how they learn, what they are capable of and the value of effort in achieving success. It inspires young people to be the best versions of themselves and fosters the development of unity to improve social connections, self-esteem and respect amongst their peers. Learning will be enriched through opportunities to connect to their peers and the world they live in, grow in terms of confidence and self-worth, succeed through planning and reflection and thrive in all aspects of their schooling life..

    In 2016, Year 9 students will follow the Connect — Grow — Succeed — Thrive Program: 

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    Concept  CONNECT
    Connecting with others
    First impressions
    Interpersonal skills
    Positive Psychology
    Character Strengths 
    Study Skills
    Goal setting 
    Coping Skills

     Duchess at the Trough  Happify online Elevate Education
    Study Skills:
    Memory and Mnemonics
    The 'F' Word (Failure
    Smiling Mind APP
    Building Resilience


    • Connect with each other, their teachers, their family and the community.
    • Develop positive relationships and engage in personalised learning experiences.
    • Learn about the importance of first impressions, develop confidence, and acquire skills to make conversation with others.
    • Understand a range of feelings and explore what happiness really is.
    • Increase positive emotions, overcome negative thoughts and cope with stress.
    • Engage in a range of activities and games that train their brain and build skills for life.
    • Acknowledge the importance of a growth mindset and that effort is central to learning.
    • Apply techniques and strategies to help with memorisation and recall of information.
    • Learn successful study skills and participate in practical workshops to apply skills learnt.
    • Demonstrate self-discipline and effort when learning.
    • Strive towards and achieve meaningful goals.
    • Become more mindful and develop focus in everyday life.
    • Cope with stress and heighten academic performance.
    • Build resilience and improve overall wellbeing.
    • Prepare for Year 10 and the senior years at school.