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Dance at Ravenswood encourages students to be creative risk-taskers, trying new things while developing a wide range of dance skills and techniques. Ravenswood Dance is proud to offer dance classes for every dancer in Preparatory to Year 12. We have a three-tier program that ensures all dancers can find the right class.

Tier 1: Recreational Dance Classes

These classes are designed for either the beginner dancer or a dancer who is looking to be in a class that focuses on learning new skills, students are encouraged to step outside their comfort zone in a fun environment.  

Tier 1 classes include:

  • Prep Dance
  • Hip Hop
  • K-2- Jazz, Ballet and Hip Hop
  • Ballet Technique*
  • Acro Dance*
  • Strength and Conditioning

* Due to specific skills required in these classes, students are often moved based on ability.

Tier 2: Disciplined Dance Classes

These dance classes are designed for the dancer who is consistently working to develop their skills in dance and is interested in pushing themselves to the next level. Students in Tier 2 classes must participate in technique classes before enrolments are confirmed. From Year 3 and above, these classes are also divided into levels to ensure dancers are placed in classes appropriate for their current skills and ability. Students are able to move between classes at the dance teachers discretion.  

Tier 2 classes include: 

  • Years 3-12 Jazz 
  • Years 3-12 Lyrical and Contemporary 
  • RAD Ballet Exam 

Technique classes for our Tier 2 classes include: 

  • Ballet technique (compulsory for those in RAD Ballet Exams) 
  • International Dance Technique 
  • Strength and Conditioning 

Tier 3: Junior School and Secondary School Dance Companies

Dance Companies provide an avenue for dancers with a high level of skills, technique and flexibility to perform at a wide variety of events and showcases. The Years 3-12 Dance Companies are audition-only groups and dancers are required to complete a commitment form upon accepting their position in to a company. There is a high level of commitment required for dancers participating in a Dance Company as all rehearsals and performances are compulsory. Participation in a Dance Company requires both parents and dancers commitment for a full year. Dancers enrolled in a Dance Company must be participating in regular technique classes outside company rehearsals. The preference is Ballet, Strength and Conditioning or IDT. 

Please Note: Years 1-2 Dance Company is our only ‘non-auditioned’ Dance Company, however, dancers must be participating in the Years 1-2 IDT class in order to be enrolled in this performance group.

For further information about the P-12 Co-curricular Dance program please contact P-12 Dance Coordinator, Ebony Keys on