Senior Years

Higher School Certificate (HSC)

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The Higher School Certificate (HSC) is the highly regarded matriculation credential of the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). Ravenswood offers a wide range of HSC subjects, suitable to individual interests and learning needs.

The Preliminary HSC course consists of at least 12 units of study including:

  • at least 6 units of Board Developed Courses
  • at least 2 units of a Board Developed Course in English
  • at least 3 courses of 2 unit value or greater
  • at least 4 subjects
  • no more than 6 units of Science courses.

In the HSC course, the program of study consists of at least 10 units. In both the Preliminary and HSC courses, English is the only compulsory subject.

Regardless of the choice of credential, all students are supported and challenged to fulfil their individual potential and to become learners that:

  • are reflective and analytical
  • are creative and imaginative
  • manage their own learning
  • are ethical and responsible with the intellectual property of others
  • approach unfamiliar situations with forethought, in a logical and reasoned manner
  • are principled and articulate in presenting, defending and evaluating their beliefs.

Ravenswood has a history of achieving outstanding results in both the HSC and IB Diploma final examinations. To review the latest results, please click here.