Learning Framework


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Students thrive in a rich environment that caters for students of all musical tastes. Students in elective courses study music ranging from classical to popular, through active and integrated learning experiences.

For musicians who work in a classical style, Ravenswood has two full-size concert grand pianos, experienced musicians running Master Classes, a Symphony Orchestra and a number of Bands, String and Vocal ensembles, to gain valuable performance experience.

In a more contemporary genre, students use technology, utilising the latest software and hardware recording facilities in a dedicated music technology laboratory, and on their own devices. Students use the software Pro Tools and Sibelius, to help them realise their compositional ideas.

Year 10

Music is an elective course from Year 9 and learning experiences are catered to students’ individual areas of interest. Music students are key members of a variety of bands and ensembles, and perform throughout the year at a number of school events and occasions.

Students undertake a range of activities in the following learning areas:

  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Listening.

Topics of study include:

  • Music for small ensembles
  • Jazz Music
  • Australian Music
  • Music of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Years 11–12

Music is a course of study in both the Higher School Certificate (HSC) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.


Students studying the HSC courses Music 1, Music 2 and Music Extension, can choose the elective options of:

  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Musicology viva voce (Music 1) or Musicology Essay (Music 2 and Extension).

These elective options allow all students who have an interest in music, to pursue their passions and complete a course that is rewarding and highly engaging.

By studying music, students broaden their emotional experiences and learn to fully engage in our contemporary multimodal society, by building a deeper understanding of sound and how meaning can be made through sound.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma

Students studying the IB Diploma at Standard Level, can choose to pursue their own interests by selecting one of the following options:

  • Solo Performance
  • Ensemble Performance
  • Composition and Arranging.

Without a pre-requisite to performing music, the IB Diploma offers students who are not strong performers, an opportunity to excel in other musical areas.

Students wishing to study the IB Diploma at Higher Level, complete both Performance and Composition electives.