Discussing a fundraising initiative at a Secondary School SRC meeting


Student Representative Council

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The Student Representative Council (SRC) is peer-elected and composed of two representatives from each Year Group in Secondary School, the Year 6 Community Captains and one representative from each class in Years 1–5.

The Chairpersons are the Year 11 representatives, who were elected to the SRC in Year 10.


The SRC representatives from Years 6–12 meet once a fortnight during lunchtime, with the minutes posted on the SRC Portal page. In the alternate week, action groups meet while the Junior School representatives in Years 1–6 meet once a week at recess.


All representatives are actively involved in the many aspects of the SRC. As the student voice, the representatives present information at their weekly Year Group meetings, collect ideas and provide feedback to their peers. They also present information at Assemblies and represent the school at significant events.

The SRC fundraises throughout the year and the money raised is directed towards projects and programs chosen by the students. In the past, this has included purchasing new equipment, organising social events, purchasing a school mascot, supporting charities and promoting school spirit.

The SRC also works with and supports other student bodies and groups, including the Prefects, the Green Team, the Year 9 Social Justice team and the Ravenswood Parents’ Association (RPA).


The SRC Chairpersons organise and lead the meetings using an agenda and preparing minutes. They also mentor the Year 10 representatives, in preparation for their leadership responsibilities the following year.

All representatives have the opportunity to work and collaborate with students from different Year Groups in their research, collation of data, analysis and preparation of proposals. The SRC meets with staff from all areas of the school and deals with various levels of management to propose, negotiate and implement student ideas and requests.