Senior Years Programs

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In the Senior Years, there are a number of programs offered to support the health and wellbeing of students. Personal growth and development takes place in many ways and the sequential Camp Program is one example where self-reliance, teamwork, leadership, initiative and responsibility are encouraged, through the challenges of experiential learning and new adventures.

In addition, there are also a number of specialised programs offered, with the aim of providing opportunities to engage students in thinking about their future beyond Ravenswood.


Imagine is a three-day career-focused program open to students in Year 10. Imagine gives students the opportunity to engage in a number of different learning experiences, to assist them in preparation for tertiary study and their future careers. Interactive student workshops, group sessions, guest speakers, resumé writing, interview techniques, financial management and investigations into careers of interest, are all components of the program. A tour of a Sydney-based university is held on the last day to give students further insight into university life and course options. During this program, our students and staff also actively support Dress for Success, a charity which supports disadvantaged women, in need of clothing and career services.

Be the Change Agent

Be the Change Agent: A Design Thinking Challenge, runs in conjunction with Knox Grammar School, provides Year 10 students with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of business. The four-day program sees teams of up to ten boys and girls assume management roles and run a virtual company, under the guidance of an experienced mentor. Each group is asked to make crucial decisions affecting the company’s performance. The aim is to develop teamwork and problem-solving skills. It is also a valuable opportunity for students to gain experience working collaboratively with boys.

4 the Future

The 4 the Future Program for Year 10, is an initiative designed to complement the Imagine and Australian Business Week Programs, and involves the broader focus of academic, life and relationship skills. A small team of Year 10 students assist the Year Coordinator in facilitating the planning and implementation of the program each year. Students play an integral role in identifying the areas of skill and interest, which is the focus for each year’s program.

In previous years, students have had the opportunity to attend relationship seminars, learn about self-defense and engage in activities aimed at managing stress. Galmatic Garage has run hands-on workshops where students have learned how to change a tyre and check the oil, while RYDA has taught students safe driving essentials, accident procedures and the consequences of poor decisions. Students have learned the practical skills of cooking and basic sewing. For those students with an IT interest, workshops have been run on creating an I Movie and Python Coding, while presentations on Grooming and Business Etiquette have provided advice for those about to enter the workforce. There has also been opportunities for students to attend lessons in their chosen subject areas for Years 11–12.

Careersearch: a networking night

Careersearch is a career networking evening for all students in Years 10–12. Ravenswood alumni attend the evening, and share their career journeys and experiences with the students and their parents. Networking is an essential part of every student’s future career, and Careersearch offers a unique opportunity for current students to connect with alumni, in fields in which they may have an interest.

Careersearch not only provides students with valuable information about what a particular career is about but it may also be the beginning of a mentoring process between alumni and students in the future.

Burn Bright

Burn Bright facilitates dynamic and character-based programs which are fun, interactive, hands-on and skills-based. They are designed to allow students to put into action the skills and concepts learned within the sessions. In particular, its IMPACT leadership program enables young people to build a strong sense of character and values, become aware of the decisions they are making and develop a strong self-efficacy to become more resilient.

In Year 10, Burn Bright runs its programs across the Year 10 Integration Day and the Year 10 conference, This is followed up in Year 11 with sessions run as part of the pastoral care program. The topics covered in these sessions include Leadership and Positive Relationships and Beginning to Build our Foundations. Final sessions aid students to understand the impact their decisions can have on others, their school and their wider community.

Online Study Skills

This is a website available to Senior Years students to help them improve their study skills. Topics covered include:
  • Working better at home, e.g. managing workload, overcoming procrastination, lifestyle and balance, managing stress
  • Working better at school, e.g. asking for help, group work skills
  • Improving your skills, e.g. assignments, research and presentation skills                 
  • Improving how you study, e.g. summarising, preparing for examination blocks, test-taking techniques.
There are also extra units on topics such as Your Brain and Memory and extra Technology mini units.