Secondary School

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

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Ravenswood is committed to offering students the broadest possible range of opportunities. The school is committed to ensuring students have the opportunity to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects and the careers available through these disciplines.

The STEM program at Ravenswood is flourishing as additional opportunities are continually being added in this important field. Pedagogies, or ways of teaching, which promote the type of learning valued in STEM areas, cluster around student-directed learning, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.

Ravenswood’s STEM program encompasses the whole-school. Examples include the Makey Makey circuit board where Kindergarten begin to explore computer science experimentation. A highlight is the Year 6 Lego Robotics program. Year 6 students use graphical interface to code robots to perform simple yet fun tasks such as dancing the Hokey Pokey. In Year 7, students continue coding with their own Edison robots, explore practical circuitry construction and e-textiles. 

Ravenswood is continually looking for innovative and relevant ways to immerse students into the areas of STEM, to open their minds to the possibilities of careers in the field. One highly successful initiative for Secondary School students available from Year 7, is the specially designed STEM Tour which takes Ravenswood students to the USA; visiting the TESLA factory, Microsoft, a space centre for a hands-on mission, Boeing, The Exploratorium - a bio hacking company, amongst other places. The tour gives students a unique opportunity to speak with leading women working in these industries and feedback shows the encounters open the students’ eyes to the exciting careers available for women who want to make a difference in the field.

Ravenswood is proud to be named an Innovative School for 2018 by The Educator for work in the areas of Positive Education and STEM: