Academic Scholarships



  • For girls entering Year 7 and Year 11 in 2026
  • Applicants are required to take the Scholarship Exam conducted Academic Assessment Services
  • No other paperwork is required.

Value: Includes Academic Tuition Fees Years 7–12 or Years 11–12 or part of, depending on the year of entry.

The Scholarship does not include core curriculum charges, curriculum-related amounts, enrolment fees or other sundry charges which are payable.

Ravenswood Scholarships for 2026 open in June 2024.

Ravenswood scholarships are conducted by Academic Assessment Services. All scholarship candidates are required to take the Scholarship Examination, conducted at Ravenswood on Saturday 17 August 2024. The test will incur a fee of $130. Late applications or registrations will not be accepted. Applications will close at 4.00pm AEST on Monday 12 August 2024.

All scholarship students will have their progress reviewed annually. 

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