Why a Girls' School?

Ravenswood is a proud member of the Alliance of Girls' Schools and believes in the many benefits that girls' schools have to offer.

Below is an excerpt from the Alliance of Girls' Schools website, outlining the benefits of girls’ only education:

Girls' schools are ideally positioned to educate, inspire and nurture the girls of today, who will be the leaders of tomorrow. In single-sex schools every girl has a voice. Our Curriculum is tailored for girls, who are given opportunities to develop and excel. Girls in single-sex schools can captain the debating team, choose to study physics or be part of a basketball team. Girls' schools are specialists in girls' education.

Academic advantages

Girls in girls' schools achieve significantly stronger academic results than any other group in Australia. Without the competition from boys, girls are free to pursue academic excellence and each achievement is celebrated.

Role models and leadership

All the leadership roles in girls' schools are filled by girls: from the captain of the touch football team to the head of the student body; from the first flute in the school band to the main part in the school play; and from student leadership groups to the leaders of every school club. Younger students see these female leaders as role models and learn that girls can lead in any field.

A tailored curriculum

Girls' education is a specialised field. Teachers tailor their classes and curriculum for the girls. This means that students are more likely to be engaged with the content and the methods used in each subject. Girls are free to participate in class without the teacher's attention being dominated by boys.

Countless opportunities

Girls at girls' schools enjoy not only equal opportunity but every opportunity. All activities are open to girls: they participate, influence and lead. There is no gender stereotyping with subject selection. Girls are able and encouraged to explore a career or future in any area.

Counteracting negative influences

Girls can work through the challenges of adolescence without embarrassment. Many single-sex girls' schools run specific programs which counteract negative body imagery and ideals of how girls and women are portrayed in the media. Educators in girls' schools believe strongly in helping girls to accept and be comfortable with ‘who they are'.

Global citizens

Girls' schools prepare students to be citizens of the world, using rapidly developing technology and forming connections with girls in other countries. There is an emphasis on social justice and community as girls are encouraged to make connections with others outside the classroom walls.

More information and research is available from the Alliance of Girls’ Schools.