Why Ravenswood


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Rev Hynes with the Boarders in 1940

The Ravenswood Archives was established in 1989. Paper records, photos and many items of interest, including past uniforms, badges, trophies and programs, dating back to the early 1900s are included in the collection.

The original handwritten registers of student enrolments, prior to digital records, have been preserved and there is also a complete set of the Ravenswood School Magazine from 1925–1965, Nuntius from 1966/7 and Semper from 1990, all of which have been digitized along with the school’s history, Ravenswood — Educating Girls 1901–2001, by Marjorie Binns.

Among the most significant items in the collection is the original Pulpit Bible used by Mabel Fidler and the earliest School Prospectus from 1913. The Archives holds Prize Certificates issued in 1916–1918 during WWI, when rather than receive books as prizes, the girls donated the money to the War Effort. All donations received by the Archives are highly valued and have contributed to preserving the 115 year history of the school.

In addition to the preservation of the collection, the Archives provides research opportunities and enquiries from current students, staff, Old Girls and the wider community are welcomed. Over many years, Ravenswood students have enjoyed looking at the Archives and past school uniforms.

Opening Hours:

The Archives Office is located in Hutchens House at Ravenswood. Contact archives@ravenswood.nsw.edu.au for more information.