Why Ravenswood

Guiding Principles

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These provide the framework that guide our day-to–day behaviours as a school community. The Guiding Principles are collectively embraced, and consistently applied in all that we do as individuals, and as a school.


We value excellence and the fulfilment of our potential within and beyond the classroom in study and play, individually and in teams, at school and in our community, and in local, national and international contexts. We recognise the pathway to personal excellence is pathed of grit.


We are fair minded in our thinking and actions and foster acceptance, tolerance and understanding. We acknowledge and celebrate diversity, because we respect ourselves, others and the world around us.


We are purposeful and positive in our outlook on life, believing in and understanding our unique capabilities as individuals and as a country to make a difference to contribute to humanity, to craft our own destiny. Our motto is always towards better things.


We have courage of conviction, confidence to ask the hard questions, to be enquiring of the world, advocate and act independently with resilience in the face of adversity.


We are other person centered, giving of our time and energy, our emotions and friendships, and we foster caring thoughtful relationships.