Why Ravenswood

Strategic Direction

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The Ravenswood model of Positive Education encompasses a holistic approach to wellbeing. In partnership with our students, staff, families and our broader school community, we strive to cultivate and nurture a learning community that enables individuals to thrive.

Ravenswood Students

Ravenswood students are empowered to learn, make decisions and take responsibility for their own wellbeing. They foster resilience, confidence and optimism in the pursuit of an authentic sense of self.

Ravenswood Staff

Ravenswood staff are committed to authentic, lifelong learning and flourish as resourceful, innovative, creative and respected educators.

Ravenswood Families

At Ravenswood there is an authentic school/family partnership that empowers our students to build on their strengths and fulfil their potential.

Our Vision For Our Community 2020

In years to come our alumni and wider Ravenswood community will become powerful agents of positive change in society.